Medical Insurance - the RANT

Okay, I'm employed...technically speaking, in a profession that will probably not fold.  And, I have medical insurance where I do not have to pay huge premiums for and have adequate coverage with.  However, my child was diagnosed with epilepsy this past year.  For some reason, that isn't necessarily considered to be a HUGE issue even though the organization I find for support think it is!  I say this because my medical insurance wishes to debate with me ALL the time over whether or not the medical appts., advice, etc., for my child are necessary and therefore should be covered.  ISN'T BAD ENOUGH TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE DISORDER?!?!

And, to add insult to injury, been divorced for a LONG time.  Insurance company, whenever I have an issue (and this year, I've had my fair share of personal health scaries!), they require me to tell them EVERY SINGLE TIME that no one else has the ability to cover/claim me for medical insurance.  No one has covered me in years.  This is not NEW news.  What is their friggin' problem???

I know I don't have room to gripe with 45 million people uninsured in this country.  I also don't have room to gripe because I'm not only employed but also by an employer who pays for part of the insurance.  But, I am fed up!  It may come across as being spoiled but truly am FED UP.  My money, my school district's money, the tax payers' money all pay for this insurance and they have the freakin' balls to wish to DENY me coverage!!!!

Just had to vent...may be of little to no importance to fellow readers; however, just needed to vent!
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